Our services at a glance

  • Specialized in transport between Benelux and Germany
  • Complete FTL and Groupage to and from Germany
  • Rich fleet with 190 towing units
  • 50% LNG
  • 37 liquefied natural gas tractors
  • 10 new trailers that are multitemp equipped
  • 4 LZV trucks
  • Repacking of plant trolleys (order picking at store level)
  • 24/7
  • Real Time temperature overviews
  • Scanning of transport documents immediately after delivery of goods by the driver

“Your product deserves our full attention. For us, quality is self-evident and quantity is not a problem. Our experience means that we are aware of the many factors that can influence the transport and we are prepared for this. We strive for perfection and are only satisfied when your product has been delivered safe and sound to the satisfaction of the sender and recipient.”



In our internal temperature-controlled Warehouse with options for up to 3 temperatures, we combine the various loads into one large load. Deliveries with valve and various temperatures from -25 to +25. Thanks to our expert transport network, we can provide our customers with the best transport at a good price.

Transport of (various) fresh products

We mainly transport; fruit and vegetables | flowers and plants | frozen products | fresh goods | eggs | medicines | exhibition materials | other non-conditioned products. As a customer, Koeltrans gives you insight into the transport of your product. For example, our temparture overviews can be viewed or obtained in real time, including door openings and the like. This information can be requested daily from our planners.

Repacking work

To make it even easier for our customers, we offer the repacking of various products. For example, we load the flowers and plants from the greenhouse at various growers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium or are delivered from Spain, Denmark and Italy. With us, this is repackaged or mixed at store / customer level with stickers or labels. We use a unique process that shortens the chain and ensures that we can deliver at least 1 day faster.

Germany carrier

We offer conditioned and non-conditioned groupage services to and from all of Germany. Daily departures of full loads.