Hello, my name is Rick Hulleman. The love for the truck was already there when I was a little boy. When I was 14, I started washing trucks at different transport companies. For me this was not only work but also my hobby…

Currently I am 32 years old, but as a small kid the love for the truck was already great. When I was 18 years old, I did an internship at a transport company and from there I followed the Vakopleiding Transport en Logistiek (V.T.L). The training was definitely tough, but in the end I had the diploma in my pocket. Hup hup, when my driver’s licenses were taken at Rijschool Kreeft in Hoogeveen, I also quickly got that in the backpocket and so the adventure could start on the road. After my experience with various transport companies I took the step 2 years ago to drive at Koeltrans BV.

Koeltrans BV is a young and modern company that specializes in transporting fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants and so on. We are allowed to carry out all our work with the most beautiful, modern and luxurious material. In short, beautiful tight cars as a fleet with beautiful fresh colors. The brands are Scania, Volvo  and Mercedes. We can certainly come round the bend here. The cars are also luxuriously equipped for the drivers. It is really fun to be allowed on the road with such cars. Koeltrans BV is not just a company … For me it feels like a family business. You are certainly not a number, everything can be arranged in consultation. We are there for the times where it is needed. Koeltrans is a company where we all show 100% commitment; colleagues of the planning and colleagues on the road, together we are strong. This is often said and that is reflected.

Recently I shared the truck with my partner Saskia. Mainly in the flowers and plants. During the day the truck is preloaded and in the evening I head for Germany. We do this about 3 times a week. Super nice invention for us, we both see our beautiful little boy Matz from 16 months old, grow up. Even he is completely nuts about our truck the Scania, which he calls the ‘toet, toet’, really great!

The less pleasant side of this profession is almost non-existent, only the hustle and bustle on the road is increasing. A lot of traffic jams and accidents, so continue to pay attention. Sometimes we also have to work on weekends or holidays, such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. That is sometimes a difficulty, but it’s never that long.

From the company there are certainly other growth opportunities. For example, obtaining lZV longer and heavier truck combination or for example Transport Planner (a good planner is never wrong Günther always says …).

Günther and Linda … I hope for a very long collaboration with Koeltrans BV.

‘Proud to be riding with you’