On January 9, 2016 The year starts well. No less than three of our drivers get the IRU Certificate awarded.

Kees Wasmus , Peter Rennes and Appie Geurds all three are already 20 years in transport and working for five years for Koeltrans BV!

When an employer is coveted IRU Diploma of Honour ‘ applications to the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Geneva?

In order for that diploma (including pin) to be eligible, drivers must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Over the past 20 years, he / she must have carried out continuously transports by road to the satisfaction of the current employer and any previous employer (s);

  2. He / she must be employed for at least five years with the same employer;

  3. In total career as a driver he / she must have passed at least one million kilometers in the national or international road transport;

  4. He / she must not have any serious accidents with personal injuries in the last 20 years;
  5. He / she may no traffic , customs or administrative regulations have grossly violated in the past five years.

A driver may only once in his career, received the IRU Diploma of Honour.