• 2022 - Energie transition Shell BIOLNG

    As a progressive company, we must continue to innovate and see alternative fuels reflected in every major tender. The switch to LNG was made for the following reasons:
    LNG is a game changer that best suits our German routes. LNG trucks are exempt from MAUT, which saves us 17 cents per kilometre. We are very satisfied with our LNG trucks due to their long action radius, reliability and low operational costs. We are ambitious about our business footprint and Shell BioLNG is the right fuel to start this journey to net zero. We can now give our customers a 30% CO2 saving with Shell BioLNG compared to diesel.

    Transport can really be compared to top sport! Every day you have to be sharp, get everything out of it, train, want to get better and only the best teams move forward, are seen and can invest. We have also made investments, we want to take steps with LNG and have therefore decided not to invest in diesels anymore. 25 LNG cars will be added to our fleet in the next 4 months, bringing us to a total of 37 LNG trucks, which ensures that 25% runs on LNG and we also want to be progressive with this, by making our fleet more sustainable with LNG vehicles. expandable to 37 pieces, 2x volvo, 3x Iveco, 32x scanias.

    W E  D R I V E  F O R  T H E  B E S T

  • 2020- New Office

    September – Koeltrans has moved!
    The new building is ready and what a fantastic moment that is. After 10 years, move into a new building with all facilities to further develop and serve customers even better. Do take a look!
  • 2020 - 10 year anniversary

    August 1, Günther, Linda and 5 drivers started the adventure. At the time, we said we would grow by up to 10 cars. In the end, that has become 10 cars growth per year! We have experienced and learned a lot in the past 10 years, and we look forward to the next 10 years! We are looking forward to working with you to make it a success again. Thanks to everyone for the past 10 years who have contributed to our transport company in any way.
  • 2019 - LNG

    March - LNG, the first 2 of a series of 5 scania's have been delivered that run on LNG instead of diesel! We are now happy to have taken the next step in the future and the environmental impact. What that future will ultimately look like is still a question for everyone, that it will certainly change! The future starts today! And we want to be and remain progressive, so LNG in our fleet is a conscious choice!
  • 2018 - Mercedes fleet

    Koeltrans from Angeren is known as a particularly satisfied customer of the Swedish brands. The Scania's are by far the largest in the fleet, but there are also a number of Volvo trucks. The new mercedes are of the type 1845 with the largest cab that Mercedes provides, the GigaSpace. The trucks are particularly well equipped with leather upholstery, a microwave and all possible safety systems.
  • 2018 - Opening GmbH in Stuhr

    In February 2018 we officially reached agreement to rent a business premises in the German Stuhr, near Bremen A1 / A28. In this building we have a surface area of 1,500 m2 for cross docking with 7 docks, 2,000 m2 storage and 500 m2 cold rooms. In short, everything under one roof to store the cargo of our customers, to cross-dock, to pack and to group.
  • 2017 - LHV over the German border

    Koeltrans Angeren is one of the first Dutch companies with an LHV to cross the Dutch-German border. At the end of November, we had our LHV approved by the TüV. Our transport company can now supply German customers with the LHV. However, the maximum weight is 40 tons, so the use of the Lang-LKW is limited to light loads. We have already done two trips to Germany.
  • 2017 - Acquisition Selman

    On 15 September 2017, Koeltrans and Selman Transporten BV agreed that the current international transports from Selman will be transferred to Koeltrans. With this acquisition, the directly involved employees are employed by Koeltrans and both companies have strategic opportunities to grow from Bemmel.
  • 2016 - IFS certificate

    On December 28, 2015, an audit was conducted by Koeltra Angeren BV by ISACert for the International Food Standard logistics. The certification process has now been completed.
    We are therefore proud to announce that we have obtained the IFS certificate.
  • 2016 - IRU Certificate

    On January 9, 2016 the year starts well. No less than three of our drivers get the IRU Certificate awarded. Kees Warmus, Peter Rennes and Appie Geurds all three are working 20 years in transport and are working for five years for Koeltrans BV!
  • 2015 - Fifth anniversary

    Further additions to the vehicle fleet – 9 new Scania tractor units and 12 Schmitz trailers in January. In October, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the firm with 2 new tractor units (vehicles in anniversary livery) and 2 new trailers.
  • 2014 - Transport and Logistics Quality Mark

    On 8 January, we have an audit for the Transport and Logistics Quality Mark and the Hygiene code. The successful conclusion of this audit represents the achievement of our first objective for 2014 as we seek to set ourselves apart further.
  • 2014 - Volvo's

    Until now, the Koeltrans BV fleet has consisted entirely of Scanias. In early 2014, we add 2 Volvos.
  • 2013 - New trailers

    Promotional activities around the release of new trailers. Koeltrans brings a bit of excitement to the road!
  • 2012 - Fatal accident

    We experience our first low point with the loss of our much-loved colleague Gijs Rutten to an industrial accident. It makes you realise how relative certain things in life are...
  • 2012 - Growth continues

    Further expansion both at the office and on the road, with a total of 11 vehicles now owned by the firm. We start operating our first charters.
  • 2011 - Expansion

    In response to the increase in customers, we expand the fleet to 7 vehicles and 10 drivers.
  • 2010 - Launch of Koeltrans

    Launch of Koeltrans BV on 1 August 2010 with 4 vehicles and 5 employees at the Lodderhoeksestraat location in Angeren.

Launch of Koeltrans BV 2010