The Overbetuwe and Lingewaard region is a region to be proud of. Many entrepreneurs are active in entrepreneurial networks and there are plenty of “undiscovered pearls”. That is why Betuwe Onderneemt Beter is all about storytelling this time. In the spotlights: Gunther Maters and Linda Kuipers from Koeltrans Angeren BV from Angeren.

Koeltrans BV takes care of the transport of vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants and frozen products from the Netherlands to Germany. Owners Linda Kuipers and Gunther Maters are especially proud of their people; “Our team has taken us to where we are now”. These young entrepreneurs manage to grow in a difficult market. So it’s only logical that Linda and Gunther are one of the six candidate nominees for the title ‘Ondernemer van het jaar 2019’.