Günther Maters and Linda Kuipers from Koeltrans Angeren are Betuwe entrepreneurs of the year. The members of Betuwe Ondernemen Beter (BOB) chose them by SMS in the Theaterkerk in Bemmel on Monday evening as the winner of the entrepreneur’s prize for 2019.

The transport company grew under this duo into a company with a fleet of 95 trucks. BOB is an initiative of entrepreneurs from Lingewaard and Overbetuwe and the two municipal authorities and is intended to stimulate mutual cooperation.

In addition to the entrepreneur of the year, entrepreneurs also chose Tom van Dalen, Van Dalen Infra and Milieu from Huissen as the winner of the Rabo Talent Award. This prize is intended to stimulate young or just starting entrepreneurs in both municipalities.

On your one you can do something, but together you can do everything!

We are extremely proud of the nomination entrepreneur of the year, but we see it primarily as a victory for all of us, because we have taken care of this together, so we want to thank you all ❤️