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Koeltrans Angeren Betuws Entrepreneur of the year

Günther Maters and Linda Kuipers from Koeltrans Angeren are Betuwe entrepreneurs of the year. The members of Betuwe Ondernemen Beter (BOB) chose them by SMS in the Theaterkerk in Bemmel on Monday evening as the winner of the entrepreneur’s prize for 2019.

The transport company grew under this duo into a company with a fleet of 95 trucks. BOB is an initiative of entrepreneurs from Lingewaard and Overbetuwe and the two municipal authorities and is intended to stimulate mutual cooperation.

In addition to the entrepreneur of the year, entrepreneurs also chose Tom van Dalen, Van Dalen Infra and Milieu from Huissen as the winner of the Rabo Talent Award. This prize is intended to stimulate young or just starting entrepreneurs in both municipalities.

On your one you can do something, but together you can do everything!

We are extremely proud of the nomination entrepreneur of the year, but we see it primarily as a victory for all of us, because we have taken care of this together, so we want to thank you all ❤️

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Storytelling Koeltrans BV

The Overbetuwe and Lingewaard region is a region to be proud of. Many entrepreneurs are active in entrepreneurial networks and there are plenty of “undiscovered pearls”. That is why Betuwe Onderneemt Beter is all about storytelling this time. In the spotlights: Gunther Maters and Linda Kuipers from Koeltrans Angeren BV from Angeren.

Koeltrans BV takes care of the transport of vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants and frozen products from the Netherlands to Germany. Owners Linda Kuipers and Gunther Maters are especially proud of their people; “Our team has taken us to where we are now”. These young entrepreneurs manage to grow in a difficult market. So it’s only logical that Linda and Gunther are one of the six candidate nominees for the title ‘Ondernemer van het jaar 2019’.

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Koeltrans in a row

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Meet Rick

Hello, my name is Rick Hulleman. The love for the truck was already there when I was a little boy. When I was 14, I started washing trucks at different transport companies. For me this was not only work but also my hobby…

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New Mercedes and Scania

Mercedes and Scania for Koeltrans

Today the first 2 in a series of 6 Mercedes where delivered. The supporter wins, they say, in this case that’s right! For years, Wensink has tried to add Mercedes to our fleet and that is what she has achieved from today! Stars in our fleet and they are also shining! Welcome ?? thoroughness! On to many safe and economical miles!

Patience is a good thing is sometimes said … now I do not quickly lack patience, but this was now put to the test! After a long wait they were finally delivered and yes in the end the patience is worth it! A total of no less than 10 new scania’s S450 delivered! On and in these cars it lacks nothing, all imaginable luxury and safety systems are ordered, to be able to do our work safely and with great pleasure!

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We are moved by 1 februari!

Nijverheidstraat 40, 6681 LN te Bemmel.

Outgrew our old office… We are very happy with this move and may this site continue our growing business.

Sincerely, team Koeltrans.


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