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New Mercedes and Scania

Mercedes and Scania for Koeltrans

Today the first 2 in a series of 6 Mercedes where delivered. The supporter wins, they say, in this case that’s right! For years, Wensink has tried to add Mercedes to our fleet and that is what she has achieved from today! Stars in our fleet and they are also shining! Welcome 🇩🇪 thoroughness! On to many safe and economical miles!

Patience is a good thing is sometimes said … now I do not quickly lack patience, but this was now put to the test! After a long wait they were finally delivered and yes in the end the patience is worth it! A total of no less than 10 new scania’s S450 delivered! On and in these cars it lacks nothing, all imaginable luxury and safety systems are ordered, to be able to do our work safely and with great pleasure!

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Advertising on Trailers

How great it is when a customer asks if his advertising may come on our trailers?! Since February 25, 2016 is the first to show a series of a total of 10 trailers on the road with advertising our client’s Green Yard (formerly known as UNIVEG). We appreciate to give out clients advertising space in this way and also make our cooperation to be visible!

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Promotional Actions

Two of our tractor-trailer combinations have a challenging advertising. Take a look…  (more…)

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Perspective on Koeltrans

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